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  • Repair Car Window Chips Quickly Before They Grow Into a Cracked Windshield

    Yes, you read it right. You are actually able to repair small hole cracks on windshield. Replacing the broken windshield isn’t the only choice when you have a chip on your windshield. Most of the windshield chips and cracks are recoverable. However, if you don’t repair it on time, a minor window chip may turn into a full crack and become unrecoverable. Dealing with it and repairing it on time will save you money plus time.

    First of all, don’t put any pressure on chip and bring it to our automotive mechanic shop if possible. If you can’t , there are some precautions that may save the chip from growing into crack.

    Apply a tape to prevent dust from entering into crack.

    Don’t drive. Especially if the chip/crack is in front of driver’s critical viewing area

    Drive slow If you are driving with chipped windshield and drive even slower on speed breakers.

    We prefer and recommend our clients to get these chips repaired on top of their priority. We will first analyze the chip or crack  carefully on windshield. Although most of the small chips are repairable but still it depends on size, depth and type of chip crack. Sometimes  it is feasible to repair windshield , but the location of chip isn’t reasonable. For example, chip is right in front of driver’s line of sight. Even the cleanest of repair will leave its sign in form of unevenness or discoloration in place of chip. Thus repair on such window chips can reduce driver’s visibility.

    If there are multiple cracks chips or cracks chips are on edges, it might not be viable to repair a cracked windshield. You have to replace the windshield on such situations. However, our skilled mechanics value our customers and try to save their money where possible.

    Coming to the question , why we focus on quick repair and discourage delay in specially windshield repair? Chips can grow into cracks. Radiation due to extreme weather like we experience in White Plains can also be the cause for growing cracks.

    You yourself have to drive carefully to not to let these cracks grow further. Fast driving on speed breakers and heavy car’s stereo speakers can also unexpectedly effect windshield’s chip.

    Repairing a chip will take maximum of 30 -40 mins and will also save you few hundred bucks. Our skilled auto glass repair technician will fairly let you know whether the chip is repairable or not. We will decide and repair the chip depending on the size, depth , location and type of crack. Our auto shop is fully equipped to do the cleanest and finest repair  for our customers.

    Car Window Repair or Replacement at Your Fingertips

    Even for the safest and most observant drivers accidents happen. A cracked or broken windshield can happen in traffic or right in front of your home.  There are precautions that you can take. But even with all those, there is still a probability that you will eventually need a car window repair or replacement.

    There are many big named and highly respected windshield repair companies around that are experts in auto glass repair. So it should be no problem to find one that can recommend the best route to take for the glass repair job.  They will often give a free estimate for you while you wait, and sometimes even over the phone.

    If you want to attempt to replace the broken windshield yourself, that is an option you can explore. There are many places, auto recyclers and glass manufacturers that may have the right part for you.  We do not at all recommend this approach. While many windshields look like they are standard sizes and dimensions, getting the correct fit is best done by a professional. In addition, even safety tempered glass can be dangerous if accidentally dropped or shattered.

    Some auto glass shops have mobile replacement rucks. They receive your information and bring the replacement windshield to your home or workplace. Then they do the repair right there while you are at work or having dinner with your family. The install usually takes only a short time and they often guarantee their work. You will be required to let it set for at least an hour, but after that you are free to go.

    We recommend that you fix the cracked or broken windshield as soon as possible.  A cracked window compromises the entire structural integrity of the glass. Thus leaving it vulnerable to a breach. Driving with the windshield like this for too long can also cause issues with the sealing technique originally used in the windshield installation.

    You will be in good hands with any expert you choose as long as you do the necessary research before you buy. Of course we prefer that you call us, but the most important thing is to take care of it as soon as possible.  Then getting the job done will take a load of stress off your mind.

    So want to learn more about car window and windshield repair?  Give us a ring today.