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    It is no doubt that our vehicles have become an integral part of our lives. We need them to take us everywhere we want conveniently. Our vehicles are so important that we have to protect them from any possible harm. Some unexpected issue on our ride can really ruin our entire day. For that reason and more, Our Harrison NY Automotive Repair Shop is here for you. We are more than capable of being your life saver each time you have some problem with your car. There is no need for you to try hard to describe the issue as our knowledgeable and highly experienced car mechanics in Harrison NY will figure it out for you.

    Obviously, Harrison is home to number of automotive repair shops. However, you surely would not want to trust your vehicles to just any automotive mechanic you find on Halstead Ave. Our automotive repair Harrison NY shop is home to the most trusted auto mechanics in Harrison New York. You can simply rely on us to take care of your car, truck, SUV and all vehicle repair issues. We are here to provide you with complete car maintenance and auto services including brakes, heat and air conditioning, steering system, glass repair, chips and cracks, tire fix flat and tire replacement, white balancing and alignment, body damage and repair, electronic diagnostics, oil changes, quick lube, fluid changes, tune ups, preventive maintenance and many others.

    We also complete some of the best auto body and car repair in Harrison NY.  From a small chip to an entire windshield replacement, we are just as good replacing auto glass as any famous national company with an amusing jingle. In addition to that, we are very happy to share you some tips in making your engine run very smoothly and save on gas.

    Whatever type of car you drive, do not hesitate to pay us a visit each time you find some issue and we can assure that your vehicle is safe in our hands. We are more than happy to truly respect you as well as your vehicle. Our reliable Harrison mechanics and well trained automotive repair and auto body experts have what it takes to fix your cars, SUVs or even trucks effectively and in a timely manner.

    Our Automotive Repair Shop in Harrison NY is not just another auto repair shop you see on the side of Boston Post Road. We are highly committed to provide you trustworthy car repair services as well as the friendly environment. Our friendly and helpful auto repair mechanics in Harrison New York will never rip you off or even charge you with an unnecessary repair. Should you require our help, feel free to contact us at (914) 835-4474. You will be surprised by how quickly and pleasantly we will respond to your call.

    Without modern technology, the diagnosing and fixing procedures can take a lot longer. Also the mechanic will need to provide his best troubleshooting to discover what might be incorrect with your automobile. Computer system diagnostics have actually made vehicle service centers more efficient and considerably lowered the number of repeat sees for the very same problem. Computerized test equipment can also be used to diagnose any check engine light errors that may come up during a NYS vehicle inspection.

    The auto mechanics in Harrison NY that you select must have a team of mechanics who are highly trained, competent and knowledgeable. This understanding and ability comes from years of experience. Having actually experienced mechanics work on your automobile will offer you comfort that the task is being done correctly. Some vehicle garages like Intercontinental Car Care Center may even require their mechanics to complete certification courses prior to they can work at the shop.

    A highly proficient and skilled mechanic will be sincere about what repair works need to be done to your automobile. Then make sure they discuss to you the costs in advance without unexpected you with excess charges once the work is finished. Whether you have a loud smelly exhaust system or if your engine is making a strange noise. Finding automobile mechanics in Harrison NY you can rely on is imperative. Then oftentimes your friends and family will want to recommend Intercontinental Car Care Center because they trust us regularly.

    Lastly, try to find a vehicle shop that has competitive costs. A few of the big nationwide chain automobile shops will charge a considerably greater rate for regular work such as oil changes or tire rotations. All you’re paying for is the name recognition. Since the exact same work with the very same equipment can be done at our locally owned car mechanics in Harrison NY. With much better customer service than that of franchised automotive repair shops. If you have any doubts about a price quoted to you, browse the web and research study the average cost for the specific repair or maintenance. Or bring any one else’s repair quote to us for an expert opinion.

    It is in your best interest to discover our vehicle repair and maintenance shop in Harrison NY. We offer current equipment, experienced and knowledgeable mechanics, reliable policies and truthful rates. Your automobile will be in excellent hands and you can rest easy, understanding that any problems such as the steering system or the engine, can quickly be diagnosed and skillfully fixed at a fair rate.

    A reputable auto repair repair shop will hаvе all the tools and equipment needed to troubleshoot and correct a рrоblеm оn ѕіtе. Yоu won’t hаvе to concern yourself with long waits or wondering if the mechanic has the right tооls he needs to properly diagnose the problem. In modern automotive repair ѕhорѕ, computerized testing equipment is used to quickly diagnose the problem and рrоvіdе proper identification of any malfunctioning components. Whether it’s the air conditioning or the ignition system, a smart auto mechanic will know how to use the computerized test equipment. Then the mechanic has the best course оf асtіоn in оrdеr tо adequately replace any faulty part and complete the repair.

    We Save You From Unnecessary Repairs and Parts Change

    Some of the auto rераіr ѕhорѕ in Harrison NY abused their customers’ trust by needlessly recommend unnecessary repairs or parts change just because the customer did not know what the check engine light really indicated. This doesn’t only become a strain on client’s budget but gives the clear sign of mechanic’s incompetence. One of the best and true characteristics of a good mechanic is that he doesn’t pushes his clients for such needless repairs and tries to save maximum of client’s money.

    Have you ever encountered an auto mechanic who completely ripped off your budget and neither did any good to your vehicle? Well, this can happen to anyone who doesn’t approach the right automotive mechanic shop for his or her vehicle’s repair. Some mechanics may even worsen the vehicle condition because they are not confident what they are doing. A good mechanic needs to tell the difference between a faulty alternator and a malfunctioning starter. We have a fully resourced auto repair shop in Harrison NY and offer car repairs for all kinds of vehicles. Our well trained and experienced auto mechanics are capable for all kind of car repair jobs. We provide all services related to vehicles ensuring quality with affordable prices.

    We have our framework set on building trust with all of our customers in Harrison.  After all, we have been in the community for many years and want your repeat business. Our trustworthy mechanics are trained and experienced for all kinds of foreign and domestic vehicles. They are capable of repairing cars, SUV’s and other heavy weight vehicles. We also ensure proper training and equipment for repairing new features coming with new technology in vehicles. We have the most modern computerized wheel alignment equipment available in the area. We are the most trusted automotive repair shop in Harrison NY and you can be assured that you are always in safe hands with us.